PayPal – UK Shopper Analysis

The Brief

  • Analyse a major survey on consumer behaviours for PayPal – from over 2000 people (SME customers aged 18 – 65+) across the UK on how they like to shop.
  • Data was collected in person using interviews, focus groups, on the phone and online survey research methods.
  • Present the visual stories of the most telling data points and trends (which resulted in the shoppers habits microsite).

    Key findings:

Women and money

  • Women are 25% more likely than men to carry cash.
  • Women are 61% more likely than men to carry receipts.
  • Women are twice as likely as men to make online purchases on tablets and smart tvs.

Unhappy shopping paths

  • 43.5% have abandoned a purchase 1-2 times a week because they couldn’t pay the way they wanted to.
  • High transaction and delivery fees are the most likely factors to lead to people abandoning online purchases.
  • The least popular method for paying is over the phone.

Payment methods – what’s hot, what’s not

  • 18.2% of 18-30 year olds now prefer to shop on a smartphone than on the high street.
  • Convenience is king28.5% prefer to use websites or services where they do not need to enter card details and address every time.
  • The rise of the popular contactless – 35.5% users said they pay using a contactless card more often on the high street.

Cash – on its way out or here to stay?

  • 27.9% use cash daily to pay for goods/services.
  • 15.8% think we’ll live a cash free life in 6-10 years.
  • 50.3% think we’ll never live a cash free life.

Identified user needs:

  • Design and optimise payment user experience for all devices, especially new visual platforms like tablets, smart TVs that will grow in popularity
  • Users are most likely to shop if the payment method offered is intuitive, simple and frictionless 
  • Cash is here to stay for a little while at least