Getting Local Mums to Meet: Mush


A startup founded by busy mothers Sarah and Katie, Mush is an exciting new social networking app for mums to meet other mums with babies the same age – to arrange play dates, beat the baby blues etc. They have a product currently live that needed UX improvement

The existing Mush app was performing well in terms of downloads, but had room for improvement in the following areas:

  • Making the app feel friendlier and encouraging mums to connect (only 50% of mums currently make a connection)
  • Increasing engagement in the app, to bring Mums back more often (currently, mainly messages and connection requests are bringing mums back to the app)

In order to address the above areas, some changes to the app were made:

  • Richer, friendlier profiles
  • Improving mush matcher
  • Adding in mush hub
Existing Mush app home screen

Existing Mush app home screen

What I Did

I supported on the UX side with research, user testing, and planning and prioritising product backlog for development. I was particularly involved in the preparation of the testing of the new Marvel prototype, in order to validate new features and identify the key user journeys ahead of the release of the updated version.

How I Did It

A big part of the user research was to set up a focus group with dedicated mum users, in person or remotely. I designed recruitment forms – evaluating their UX and created questions to get the vital screening data from participants.

I contributed to the discussion guide to cover our key product review areas, arranged interviews and reviewed the new prototype.


First test questionnaire preview in TypeForm


Testing the questionnaire on SurveyGizmo